Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV

Volume: 512 Year: 2016 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Lorente, N. P. F.; Shortridge, K.; Wayth, R.

Rydges World Square,
Sydney, NSW, Australia
25–29 October 2015

This volume contains papers presented at the twenty-fifth annual conference on Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS XXV). The ADASS conference is the premier conference for the exchange of information about astronomical software, and it is held each year at a different hosting astronomical institution. The conference provides a forum for astronomers, software engineers, and data specialists from around the world to discuss software and algorithms as used in all aspects of astronomy, from telescope operations, to data reduction, to outreach and education.

The key themes for ADASS XXV included knowledge discovery and data management tools for astronomical “Big Data”; LSST and lessons learned from current programs; algorithms for astronomical data reduction; real-time processing; visualization and innovative user interfaces; and data pipelines. These and a wide range of additional topics were addressed in a program that included nearly sixty talks, over a hundred and twenty posters, four focus demonstrations, five “Birds of a Feather” sessions, eleven demo booths, and one tutorial. These proceedings will be of interest to a wide audience of scientists and engineers with an interest in developing and managing complex software systems and large data volumes.
ISBN: 978-1-58381-908-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-909-8

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Front Matter   
Front Matter 1 Lorente, N. P. F.; Shortridge, K.; Wayth, R.
Conference Photos 2 Lorente, N. P. F.; Shortridge, K.; Wayth, R.
Part I. Knowledge Discovery and Data Management Tools for Astronomical Big Data   
Maximizing the Science in the Era of Data-Driven Astronomy 3 Aloisi, A.
Multiwavelength Variability Surveys: Reaping the Stellar Harvest 13 Cody, A. M.; Stauffer, J. R.; Rebull, L. M.; Hillenbrand, L. A.; Song, I.
7 Years of .Astronomy: Building the Astronomy Community of the Future 23 Kendrew, S.; Simpson, R.; Allan, A.; Bauer, A.; Lintott, C. J.; Ödman-Govender, C.; Smith, A.
Observatory Archives in the Era of Big Data: Perspectives from the Spitzer Mission 29 Storrie-Lombardi, L. J.
Bringing the Computing to the Data 33 O'Mullane, W.; Morris, D.; Hoar, J.
Managing the Data Deluge from the Dark Energy Survey 37 Kuehn, K.; Dark Energy Survey
Hadoop and Spark for Data Management, Processing and Analysis of Astronomical Big Data: Applicability and Performance 41 Harischandra, L.
Aggregation and Linking of Observational Metadata in the ADS 45 Accomazzi, A.; Kurtz, M. J.; Henneken, E. A.; Grant, C. S.; Thompson, D. M.; Chyla, R.; Holachek, A.; Elliott, J.
Enabling Science in the Petascale Era: MWA Data Archive and Dissemination Platform 49 Hassan, A.; Tingay, S.; Hurley, J.; Hodkinson, L.
A New Data Archive for Gemini - Fast, Cheap and in the Cloud 53 Hirst, P.; Cardenes, R.
ASTERICS: Addressing Cross-Cutting Synergies and Common Challenges for the Next Decade Astronomy Facilities 57 Pasian, F.; Garrett, M. A.; Genova, F.; Lamanna, G.; Serjeant, S.; Szomoru, A.; van der Meer, R.
An Hierarchical Approach to Big Data 61 Allen, M. G.; Fernique, P.; Boch, T.; Durand, D.; Oberto, A.; Merin, B.; Stoehr, F.; Genova, F.; Pineau, F-X.; Salgado, J.
The VO: A Powerful Tool for Global Astronomy 65 Arviset, C.; Allen, M.; Aloisi, A.; Berriman, B.; Boisson, C.; Cecconi, B.; Ciardi, D.; Evans, J.; Fabbiano, G.; Genova, F.; Jenness, T.; Mann, B.; McGlynn, T.; O'Mullane, W.; Schade, D.; Stoehr, F.; Zacchi, A.
VO Services with JPEG2000 Client-Server Visualisation: Astronomy Data Services at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre 69 Kitaeff, V. V.; Marrable, D.; Mararecki, J. T.; Wicenec, A.; Wu, C.; Harrison, J.
CASDA: The CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive 73 Chapman, J. M.; Dempsey, J.; Miller, D.; Heywood, I.; Pritchard, J.; Sangster, E.; Whiting, M.; Dart, M.
Version 1 of the Hubble Source Catalog 77 Whitmore, B.; Budavari, T.; Donaldson, T.; Downes, R. A.; Lubow, S. H.; Quick, L.; Strolger, L.-G.; Wallace, G.; White, R. L.
The Next Generation of the Montage Image Mosaic Toolkit. 81 Berriman, G. B.; Good, J. C.; Rusholme, B.; Robitaille, T.
Adaptive Caching Using Sub-query Fragmentation for Reduction in Data Transfers from Distributed Databases 85 Venkata, S. K.; Keppens, J.; Musial, K.
Integrating Globally Distributed Resources into the CyberSKA Platform 89 Aikema, D.; Simmonds, R.; Taylor, R.
Integrating Single Sign-On into the STScI Archive: Lessons Learned 93 Alexov, A.; Abney, F.; Kyprianou, M.; Levay, K.; Zahn, J.
The New European HST Archive 97 Arévalo, M.; Haase, J.; León, I.; Giordano, F.; Durán, J.; Salgado, J.; Arviset, C.; Merín, B.
Advanced Environment for Knowledge Discovery in the VIALACTEA Project 101 Becciani, U.; Bandieramonte, M.; Brescia, M.; Butora, R.; Cavuoti, S.; Costa, A.; Giorgio, A. M. d.; Elia, D.; Hajnal, A.; Kacsuk, P.; Liu, S. J.; Mercurio, A.; Molinari, S.; Molinaro, M.; Riccio, G.; Schisano, E.; Sciacca, E.; Smareglia, R.; Vitello, F.
Aladin Lite: Status and Perspectives 105 Boch, T.; Fernique, P.
WTF? Discovering the Unexpected in Next-Generation Radio Continuum Surveys 109 Crawford, E.; Norris, R. P.; Polsterer, K.
Toward Standard Data Production for Magnetic Field Observations at Huairou Solar Observing Station 113 Cui, Z.
Building the ASTRODEEP Data Portal 117 Derriere, S.
Reference Data Management Through CRDS and Extended Management Tools 121 Diaz, R. I.
Designing an Archive 125 DuPrie, K.; Gardner, L.; Kidwell Jr., R. C.
Blade Runner: What Kind of Objects are there in the JVO ALMA Archive? 129 Eguchi, S.; Shirasaki, Y.; Zapart, C.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.; Kawasaki, W.; Kobayashi, T.; Kosugi, G.
MocServer: What and Where in a Few Milliseconds. 133 Fernique, P.; Boch, T.; Oberto, A.; Pineau, F.-X.
The Research Data Alliance 137 Genova, F.
Open Archives for Open Science at the ESAC Science Data Centre (ESDC) 141 González-Núñez, J.; Ríos, C.; Salgado, J.; Macfarlane, A.; Barbarisi, I.; Arviset, C.; Álvarez, R.; Geiger, B.; Rourke, L. O.; Baldwin, E.; Merin, B.; Aguado-Agelet, F.; O'Mullane, W.
Recent and Future Developments of the 3MM XCatDB 145 Grisé, F.; Michel, L.; Motch, C.
The Big Hubble Meta-Data Spring Cleaning 149 Haase, J.; Durand, D.; Fraquelli, D.; McLean, B.
The LAMOST Data Archive and Data Release 153 He, B.; Fan, D.; Cui, C.; Li, S.; Li, C.; Mi, L.
The Design and Application of Astronomy Data Lake in China-VO 157 Li, C.; Cui, C.; He, B.; Fan, D.; Wang, J.; Li, S.; Mi, L.; Wan, W.; Chen, J.; Zhang, H.; Yu, C.; Xiao, J.; Wang, C.; Cao, Z.; Fan, Y.; Hong, Z.; Wang, J.; Yin, S.; Liu, L.; Chen, X.
ASPIC: Public Spectroscopic Archives at CeSAM 161 Moreau, C.; Adami, C.; Agneray, F.; Le Brun, V.; Le Févre, O.; Tasca, L.
The ARCHES Project 165 Motch, C.; Carrera, F.; Genova, F.; Jiménez-Esteban, F.; López, M.; Michel, L.; Mingo, B.; Mints, A.; Nebot, A.; Pineau, F.-X.; Rosen, S.; Sanchez, E.; Schwope, A.; E.Solano; M.Watson
The Gaia Added-Value Portal: A Collaborative PaaS for Data-Intensive Astronomical Science 169 Navarro, V.; Vagg, D.; O'Callaghan, D.; McBreen, S.; Hanlon, L.; Hernandez, J.; Salgado, J.; O'Mullane, W.
Engineering Data Services for the JWST Data Management System 173 Nieto-Santisteban, M. A.
Metadata Wrangling in the New PDS4 Standards 177 Raugh, A. C.; Hughes, J. S.
The Gran Telescopio Canarias Archive and the OSIRIS Catalogue 181 Solano, E.; Alacid, J. M.; Bouy, H.; Jiménez, F.
Sparse Expression: A Case of Radio Astronomy Image Compression 185 Wang, Y.; Gao, G.; Wu, D.; Yu, X.; Tian, W.
Big Data Challenges in the Blanco DECam Bulge Survey 189 Young, M.; Michael, S.
The All-Sky Virtual Observatory AAT Node 193 O'Toole, S. J.; Green, A.; Harischandra, L.; Mannering, E.; Sealey, K. M.; Vuong, M.; Hopkins, A. M.
Part II. Algorithms for Astronomical Data Reduction and Analysis   
Streaming Analysis in Astronomy: Multiframe Blind Image Deconvolution 199 Lee, M. A.; Budavári, T.
Data Analysis for Precision Spectroscopy: the ESPRESSO Case 209 Cupani, G.; D'Odorico, V.; Cristiani, S.; González-Hernández, J.; Lovis, C.; Sousa, S.; Di Marcantonio, P.; Mégevand, D.
Noise-based Detection and Segmentation of Nebulous Signal: A review 213 Akhlaghi, M.; Ichikawa, T.
Detecting Diffuse Sources in Astronomical Images 217 Butler-Yeoman, T.; Frean, M.; Hollitt, C.P.; Hogg, D.W.; Johnston-Hollitt, M.
Using an Artificial Neural Network to Classify Multi-component Emission Line Fits 221 Hampton, E. J.; Groves, B.; Medling, A.; Davies, R.; Dopita, M.; Ho, I.-T.; Kaasinen, M.; Kewley, L.; Leslie, S.; Sharp, R.; Sweet, S. M.; Thomas, A. D.; SAMI Survey Team, S7 Team
LIME - the LIne Modelling Engine 225 Stewart, I. M.
Looking for a Slope Change in a Linear Relationship 229 Cardiel, N.; Marino, R.A.; Pascual, S.; Ceballos, M.T.; Gil de Paz, A.; Sánchez, S.F.
Point Source Detection Software in the SKA Era 233 Dehghan, S.; Johnston-Hollitt, M.; Hollitt, C.
Source Finding in Wide-Field, Wide Bandwidth, Radio Observations 237 Hancock, P. J.; Hurley-Walker, N.
Automated, Adaptive Reduction of Calibration Frames 241 Hoenig, M. D.; Hirst, P.
Machine Learning Algorithms in Astronomy 245 Howard, E. M.
Source Finding, Modelling and 3D Visualisation of Galaxies 249 Koribalski, B. S.
Stellar Atmosphere Interpolator for Empirical and Synthetic Spectra 253 Podorvanyuk, N.; Chilingarian, I.; Katkov, I.
Shapelets for the MWA 257 Riding, J.L.; Mitchell, D.A.; Webster, R.L.
The ChiVO Library: Advanced Computational Methods for Astronomy 261 Solar, M.; Araya, M.; Mardones, D.; Arevalo, L.; Mendoza, M.; Valenzuela, C.; Hochfärber, T.; Villanueva, M.; Jara, M.; Simonsen, A.
Sky Subtraction on Bright Night for LAMOST 265 Song, Y.; Bai, Z.; Luo, A.; Zhao, Y.
Accurate Sky Subtraction from Emission Line Slit Spectra in C OpenMP 269 Stenborg, T. N.
Exploration of Various Approaches for Photometric Redshift Estimation of Quasars 273 Zhang, Y.; Tu, Y.; Lei, Y.; Zhao, Y.
The LSST Data Management System 279 Jurić, M.; Kantor, J.; Lim, K.-T.; Lupton, R. H.; Dubois-Felsmann, G.; Jenness, T.; Axelrod, T. S.; Aleksić, J.; Allsman, R. A.; AlSayyad, Y.; Alt, J.; Armstrong, R.; Basney, J.; Becker, A. C.; Becla, J.; Biswas, R.; Bosch, J.; Boutigny, D.; Kind, M. C.; Ciardi, D. R.; Connolly, A. J.; Daniel, S. F.; Daues, G. E.; Economou, F.; Chiang, H.-F.; Fausti, A.; Fisher-Levine, M.; Freemon, D. M.; Gris, P.; Hernandez, F.; Hoblitt, J.; Ivezić, Z.; Jammes, F.; Jevremović, D.; Jones, R. L.; Kalmbach, J. B.; Kasliwal, V. P.; Krughoff, K. S.; Lurie, J.; Lust, N. B.; MacArthur, L. A.; Melchior, P.; Moeyens, J.; Nidever, D. L.; Owen, R.; Parejko, J. K.; Peterson, J. M.; Petravick, D.; Pietrowicz, S. R.; Price, P. A.; Reiss, D. J.; Shaw, R. A.; Sick, J.; Slater, C. T.; Strauss, M. A.; Sullivan, I. S.; Swinbank, J. D.; Van Dyk, S.; Vujčić, V.; Withers, A.; Yoachim, P.
Developing Data Processing Pipelines for Massive Sky Surveys – Lessons Learned from SkyMapper 289 Wolf, C.; Luvaul, L. C.; Onken, C. A.; Smillie, J. G.; White, M. C.
Access to Massive Catalogs in the Gaia Archive: a New Paradigm 293 Salgado, J.; González, J.; Gutiérrez, R.; Segovia, J. C.; Nieto, S.; Arviset, C.; Merín, B.
Part III. LSST and Lessons Learned from Current Programs   
The LSST Data Processing Software Stack: Summer 2015 Release 297 Jenness, T.; LSST Data Management Team
Significant Populations, Lessons Learned from the Sagittarius Stream 301 Hyde, E. A.; Keller, S.; Zucker, D. B.; Ibata, R.; Siebert, A.; Lewis, G. F.; Penarrubia, J.; Irwin, M.; Gilmore, G.; Lane, R. R.; Koch, A.; Conn, A. R.; Diakogiannis, F. I.; Martell, S.
Part IV. Data Pipelines   
The Chandra Source Catalog Pipeline: the Yin Yang of a Challenging Project 309 Evans, J. D.; Evans, I. N.
DROP Computing: Data Driven Pipeline Processing for the SKA 319 Wicenec, A.; Pallot, D.; Tobar, R.; Wu, C.
Data Challenges for the Euclid Cataloging Pipeline 329 Kümmel, M.; Pilo, S.; Castellano, M.; Boucaud, A.; Fontana, A.; Dole, H.; Atreya, P.; Cabanac, R.; Coupon, J.; Desai, S.; Guillard, P.; Henderson, R.; Mohr, J.; Paltani, S.; Petrinca, P.; Wetzstein, M.
The XMM-Newton Pipeline Processing System (PPS) and the 3XMM-DR5, the Largest-Ever Catalogue of X-ray Sources 333 Gabriel, C.; Rosen, S.; Webb, N.; Rodriguez, P.; Ojero-Pascual, E.; Perea, J. V.
Gaia Processing a Billion Stars: A Big Data Story 337 Chaoul, L.; Valette, V.; Frezouls, B.
Realistic Imaging of Simulated Universes with the Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory 341 Hegarty, S. E.; Hassan, A. H.; Croton, D. J.; Fluke, C. J.
Final Calibration and Processing of Warm IRAC Data 347 Carey, S. J.
HST in the Clouds: 25 Years of HST Processing 351 Durand, D.; Haase, J.; Swam, M.; Fabbro, S.; Goliath, S.
The JWST Data Calibration Pipeline 355 Bushouse, H.; Droettboom, M.; Greenfield, P.
The POSSUM Pipeline: Getting Results from ASKAP Early Science 359 Purcell, C.; Sun, X.; Kaczmarek, J.; POSSUM team
Imaging SKA-Scale Data on the Cloud, a Supercomputer, and an In-House Cluster 363 Vinsen, K.; Wu, C.; Dodson, R.; Popping, A.; Meyer, M.; Wicenec, A.
An Overview of the SKA Science Analysis Pipeline 367 Hollitt, C.; Johnston-Hollitt, M.; Dehghan, S.; Frean, M.; Butler-Yeoman, T.
JWST/MIRI Data Reduction and Products 371 Bright, S. N.; Gordon, K. D.; Chen, C. H.; Lajoie, R.; Azzollini, R.; Bergeron, L.; Bouchet, P.; Bouwman, J.; Cracraft, M.; Fischer, S.; Friedman, S. D.; Garcia-Marin, M.; Glasse, A.; Glauser, A.M.; Goodson, G. B.; Greene, T. P.; Hines, D.C.; Khorrami, M. A.; Lahuis, F.; Lajoie, C.-P.; Meixner, M. E.; Morrison, J.E.; O'Sullivan, B.; Pontoppidan, K. M.; Regan, M. W.; Ressler, M. E.; Rieke, G. H.; Scheithauer, S.; Walker, H.; Wright, G. S.
PySALT: The SALT Data Reduction Framework 375 Crawford, S. M.
The JScanam Map-Maker Method Applied to Herschel/PACS Photometer Observations 379 Graciá-Carpio, J.; Wetzstein, M.; Roussel, H.; PACS Instrument Control Centre Team
The Chandra Source Catalog Release 2 Master Match Pipeline 383 Hain, R.; Burke, D.; Evans, I.; Rots, A.
Light Data Processing Services Embedded in the XMM-Newton Science Archive 389 Ibarra, A.; Sarmiento, M.; Colomo, E.; Loiseau, N.; J.Salgado; Gabriel, C.
Running the SkyMapper Science Data Pipeline: To be a Big Fish in a Small Pond, or a Small Fish in a Big Ocean? 393 Luvaul, L. C.; Onken, C. A.; Wolf, C.; Smillie, J. G.; Sebo, K. M.
The Design and Development of the NIRSPEC Data Reduction Pipeline for the Keck Observatory Archive 399 Mader, J. A.; Tran, H. D.; Cohen, R.; Colson, A.; Berriman, G. B.; Gelino, C. R.; Kong, M.; Laity, A. C.; Swain, M. A.; Wang, C.; Goodrich, R.; Holt, J.
Data Reduction for Integral Field Spectrographs: Past, Present, and Future 403 Nielsen, J.; Sharp, R.
PyASB, All Sky Brightness Pipeline 407 Pascual, S.; Nievas, M.; Zamorano, J.; Contreras, J. L.
The Galactic Arecibo L-Band Feed Array Data Release 2: Pipelines and Visualizations 411 Peek, J. E. G.
Data Reduction of Multi-wavelength Observations 415 Pilia, M.; Trois, A.; Pellizzoni, A. P.; Bachetti, M.; Piano, G.; Poddighe, A.; Egron, E.; Iacolina, M. N.; Melis, A.; Concu, R.; Possenti, A.; Tender Project
Workflows and Science Gateways for Astronomical Experiments 419 Taffoni, G.; Becciani, U.; Krokos, M.; Sciacca, E.; Costa, A.; Vitello, F.; Vuerli, C.; Pasian, F.
BepiColombo MPO Instrument Pipelines Integration in the Science Operations Control System Framework 423 Vallejo, J.C.; Perez-Lopez, F.; Ortiz de Landaluce, I.; Fernandez, M.; Martinez, S.; Fajersztejn, N.; Freschi, M.; Casale, M.
LOFAR Transient Imaging Pipeline 427 van Diepen, G.
Early Science Pipelines for ASKAP 431 Whiting, M.; Voronkov, M.; Mitchell, D.; ASKAP Team
Data Processing Pipelines for Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope 435 Meng, X.-M.; Wei, J.-Y.; Cao, L.; Qiu, Y.-L.; Wu, C.; Wang, J.; Han, X.-H.; Deng, J.-S.; Xin, L.-P.; Cai, H.-B.
Part V. Real-time Processing   
Pulsar Timing Instrumentation for the SKA 441 Barr, E. D.; Jameson, A.; Morrison, I.; van Straten, W.
In-situ, Interactive Calculations of Faraday Rotation Maps for ENZO Cosmological Simulations 445 Gheller, C.; Favre, J.; Vazza, F.
Mid-Infrared Astronomy with the E-ELT: Data Reduction Software for METIS 449 Mach, M.; Zeilinger, W. W.; Köhler, R.; Czoske, O.; Leschinski, K.; Kausch, W.; Przybilla, N.; Ratzka, T.; Greimel, R.; Leitzinger, M.; Ramlau, R.; Brandl, B.; Güdel, M.; Ziegler, B.; Alves, J.
Part VI. Visualisation and Innovative User Interfaces   
IPAC Firefly Development Roadmap 455 Wu, X.; Ciardi, D.; Dubois-Felsmann, G.; Goldina, T.; Groom, S.; Ly, L.; Roby, T.
Three Tools to Aid Visualisation of FITS Files for Astronomy 465 Mohan, P.; Hawkins, C.; Klapaukh, R.; Johnston-Hollitt, M.
Hybrid, Multi-frame and Blind Astronomical Image Deconvolution Through 1 and 2Minimisation 469 Gauci, A.; Abela, J.; Cachia, E.; Hirsch, M.; Adami, K. Z.
The Ultimate Display 473 Fluke, C.J.; Barnes, D.G.
AstroCloud: An Agile Visualization Platform for Specific Analysis of Astronomical Images 477 Molina, F. Z.; Bergel, A.; Salgado, R.
Stimulating Creativity in Astronomy 481 De Marchi, G.
Virtual Observatory Virtual Reality 485 Polsterer, K. L.; Taylor, M. B.
Accelerated 3D Visualization of Mock Galaxy Catalogues for the Dark Energy Survey 491 Dykes, T.; Gheller, C.; Krokos, M.; Manera, M.; Rivi, M.
ESA Sky: A New Astronomy Multi-Mission Interface 495 Merín, B.; Salgado, J.; Giordano, F.; Baines, D.; Sarmiento, M.-H.; Martí, B. L.; Racero, E.; Gutiérrez, R.; Pollock, A.; Rosa, M.; Castellanos, J.; González, J.; León, I.; Ortiz de Landaluce, I.; de Teodoro, P.; Nieto, S.; Lennon, D. J.; Arviset, C.; de Marchi, G.; O'Mullane, W.
Arches Walker 499 Michel, L.; Motch, C.; Gomez-Moran, A. N.; Schaaff, A.
3D-Visualization of Astronomical Data in a Web Browser 503 Schaaff, A.; Deparis, N.; Gillet, N.; Ocvirk, P.; Steinmetz, A.; Lespingal, P.; Buecher, N.
An Interactive, Comparative and Quantitative 3D Visualization System for Large-Scale Spectral-Cube Surveys Using CAVE2 507 Vohl, D.; Fluke, C. J.; Hassan, A. H.; Barnes, D. G.
Searching Astronomy: User-Interface Design 511 Stoehr, F.
Part VII. Scientific Software Development   
Astrophysics Source Code Library, version 3.1 517 Allen, A.; Berriman, G. B.; DuPrie, K.; Mink, J.; Nemiroff, R.; Robitaille, T.; Shamir, L.; Shortridge, K.; Taylor, M.; Teuben, P.; Wallin, J.
Part VIII. Planning, Scheduling and Operating Observatories   
Data Flow Tools at the Very Large Telescope 523 Ballester, P.; Bierwirth, T.; Castro, S.; Forchi, V.; Jung, Y.; Lundin, L.; Moehler, S.; Zampieri, S.
SPHERE TDB: Catalogue Management, Observation Planning and Detection Visualization 527 Gross, A.; Meunier, J.C.; Surace, C.; Le Coroller, H.; Agneray, F.
An Advanced Atmospheric Model for ESO Observing Sites 531 Kausch, W.; Kondrak, M.; Noll, S.; Lakićević, M.; Kimeswenger, S.; Przybilla, N.; Unterguggenberger, S.; Leschinski, K.; Czoske, O.; Zeilinger, W.
Status of Gaia Science Operations One Year Into the Nominal Mission 535 Lammers, U.; Guerra, R.; Hernandez, J.; Siddiqui, H.; Cheek, N.
Toward Standard Data Production for Magnetic Field Observations at Huairou Solar Observing Station 539 Liu, S.; Yang, X.; Zhao, C.; Lin, G.H.
Science Concept for an Improved JWST Mosaic Planning Tool 543 Valenti, J. A.
Part IX. Virtual Observatory   
IVOA Data Access Layer: Goals, Achievements and Current Trends 549 Bonnarel, F.; Dowler, P.; Noddle, K.; Tody, D.
Update of the China-VO AstroCloud 553 Cui, C.; Yu, C.; Xiao, J.; He, B.; Li, C.; Fan, D.; Wang, C.; Hong, Z.; Li, S.; Mi, L.; Wan, W.; Cao, Z.; Wang, J.; Yin, S.; Fan, Y.; Wang, J.; Yang, S.; Ling, Y.; Zhang, H.; Chen, J.; Liu, L.; Chen, X.
Datalink and DaCHS 557 Demleitner, M.
Unique Identifiers for Facilities and Instruments in Astronomy and Planetary Science 561 Louys, M.; Cecconi, B.; Derriere, S.; Le Sidaner, P.
NAVO: NASA Data in the Virtual Observatory 565 McGlynn, T.; Smale, A.; White, R.; Donaldson, T.; Aloisi, A.; Mazzarella, J.; Ebert, R.; Imel, D.; Berriman, G. B.; Teplitz, H.; Groom, S.; Desai., V.
Taking Advantage of Cloud Solutions to Balance Requests in an Astrophysical Data Center 569 Molinaro, M.; Cepparo, F.; Scagnetto, I.; Smareglia, R.
ESA VOSpace: New Paradigm for Astronomical Data Sharing and Dissemination 573 Nieto, S.; Segovia, J. C.; Gutierrez, R.; Salgado, J.; Arviset, C.; Ortiz de Landaluce, I.; Osuna, P.
VOSA: A VO Spectral Energy Distribution Analyzer 577 Rodrigo, C.; Bayo, A.; Solano, E.
IVOA Provenance Data Model: Hints from the CTA Provenance Prototype 581 Sanguillon, M.; Servillat, M.; Louys, M.; Bonnarel, F.; Boisson, C.; Brégeon, J.
Current Status of JVO Portal 585 Shirasaki, Y.; Zapart, C.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.; Kawasaki, W.; Kobayashi, T.; Kosugi, G.; Kawaguchi, T.; Eguchi, S.; Ishihara, Y.; Yamada, H.; Hiyama, T.; Nakamoto, H.
TOPCAT's TAP Client 589 Taylor, M. B.
Part X. High-performance Computing   
CASA HPC and Parallelization Development for ALMA 595 Castro, S.; Gonzalez, J.; Taylor, J.; Bhatnagar, S.; Caillat, M.; Ford, P.; Golap, K.; Jakobs, J.; W.Kawasaki; Kern, J.; Kuniyoshi, M.; Loveland, S.; Mehringer, D.; Miel, R.; Moellenbrock, G.; Nakazato, T.; Petry, D.; Pokorny, M.; Rao, U.; Rawlings, M.; Schiebel, D.; Kugimoto, K.; Suoranta, V.; Tsutsumi, T.
Pulsar Acceleration Searches on the GPU for the Square Kilometre Array 599 Dimoudi, S.; Armour, W.
Part XI. Software Tools   
SIRENA: A Software Package for the Energy Reconstruction of the Athena X-IFU Events 605 Ceballos, M.T.; Cobo, B.; Peille, P.; Wilms, J.; Brand, T.; Dauser, T.; Bandler, S.; Smith, S.
GWCS: A Library for Managing World Coordinate Systems 609 Dencheva, N.; Greenfield, P.; Droettboom, M.
FIDIA: A Format Independent Data Interface for Astronomy 613 Green, A. W.; Mannering, E.; Harischandra, L.; O'Toole, S.
Vissage: Development in 2015 617 Kawasaki, W.; Shirasaki, Y.; Zapart, C. A.; Kobayashi, T.; Kosugi, G.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.; Eguchi, S.; Komiya, Y.; Kawaguchi, T.
Introducing Nightlight: A New, Modern FITS Viewer 621 Muna, D.
JNanocubes: On-the-fly Generation of HiPS Density Maps for Exploration and Visualization of Large Datasets 625 Pineau, F.-X.; Boch, T.
GAZPAR : GAlaxy photometric redshifts (Z) and physical PARameters 629 Surace, C.; Arnouts, S.; Burgarella, D.; Ilbert, O.; Gross, A.; Meunier, J.
Part XII. Instrumentation   
The Camera Server of the ASTRI SST-2M Telescopes Proposed for the Cherenkov Telescope Array 635 Conforti, V.; Trifoglio, M.; Gianotti, F.; Malaguti, G.; Bulgarelli, A.; Fioretti, V.; Zoli, A.; Catalano, O.; Capalbi, M.; Sangiorgi, P.; ASTRI Collaboration; CTA Consortium
DRAMA2: DRAMA for the Modern Era. 639 Farrell, T.; Shortridge, K.
Learning from History: Adaptive Calibration of ‘Tilting Spine' Fiber Positioners 643 Gilbert, J.; Dalton, G.
SimCADO - An End-to-end Instrument Data Simulator for MICADO on the E-ELT 647 Leschinski, K.; Czoske, O.; Köhler, R.; Zeilinger, W.; Kausch, W.; Przybilla, N.; Alves, J.; Mach, M.; Kleijn, G. V.; Davies, R.; Ramlau, R.; Wagner, R.; Ratzka, T.; Greimel, R.; Leitzinger, M.; Schaffenroth, V.; Güde, M.; Ziegler, B.
Ghost in the Subaru Prime Focus Camera 651 Yagi, M.; Utsumi, Y.; Komiyama, Y.
Part XIII. Education & Outreach   
The Mercury Transit 2016: A World-Wide Outreach Opportunity 657 Gill, R.; Benkhoff, J.; Breitfellner, M.; Doressoundiram, A.; Rothery, D.
Part XIV. Birds of a Feather Sessions   
Affordable Immersive Visualization of Astronomical Data 663 Schaaff, A.; Polsterer, K. L.
LSST and Australia 667 Brough, S.; Akhlaghi, M.; Bian, F.; Glazebrook, K.; Kuehn, K.
Future Astronomical Data Formats: Evolution and/or Revolution 671 Shortridge, K.
Improving Software Citation and Credit 675 Allen, A.; Berriman, G. B.; DuPrie, K.; Mink, J.; Nemiroff, R.; Robitaille, T.; Shamir, L.; Shortridge, K.; Taylor, M.; Teuben, P.; Wallin, J.
Part XV. Floor Demonstrations and Focus Demonstrations   
CyberSKA 681 Aikema, D.; Simmonds, R.; Taylor, R.
Web-applications to Explore the Earth and Universe at JAXA's Space Science Data Archive DARTS 685 Ebisawa, K.; Saitoh, A.; Imai, K.; Shimada, T.
The Distributed Cloud Based Engine for Knowledge Discovery in Massive Archives of Astronomical Spectra 689 Škoda, P.; Koza, J.; Palička, A.; Lopatovský, L.; Peterka, T.
Back Matter   
Author Index 695 Lorente, N. P. F.; Shortridge, K.; Wayth, R.
Subject Index 702 Lorente, N. P. F.; Shortridge, K.; Wayth, R.
Object Index 713 Lorente, N. P. F.; Shortridge, K.; Wayth, R.
Back Matter 715