Ott, Stephan

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
231 A Survey of Selected Areas in the Galactic Plane with ISOCAM 75 Burgdorf, M.; Ott, Stephan; Cohen, Martin; Price, Steve; Egan, Michael; Ganesh, Shashi; Schuller, Frederic; Alard, Christophe
281 The ISOCAM Parallel Source Catalogue: Challenges and First Results 413 Ott, Stephan; Võ, Thúy; Schartel, Norbert; Siebenmorgen, Ralf
281 ISO Data Archive and ISO Interactive Analysis Systems 434 Arviset, Christophe; Gabriel, Carlos; Ott, Stephan; Salama, Alberto; Hernández, José; Dowson, John; Osuna, Pedro