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Paper: Illumination Optics in High-Resolution Fiber-Fed Echelle-Spectrograph for the BTA
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 547
Authors: Sazonenko, D. A.; Kukushkin, D. E.; Bakholdin, A. V.; Valyavin, G. G.
Abstract: The report describes the optical scheme of anamorphic illumination optics of the entrance slit for a high-resolution fiber-fed echelle spectrograph. The optical system of the illuminator provides necessary agreement of numerical apertures of the fiber and spectrograph, as well as it allows one to install necessary equipment to obtain a required structure of an image. As a result, a two-component anamorphic illumination system has been obtained with good transmission in the specified spectral range and at low cost. This study provides a good instrument for performing modern researches in astronomy.
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