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Paper: Analysis and Estimation of Instrumental Polarization of the Polarimetric Unit in the High Spectral Resolution Spectrograph with a Fiber Input for the SAO RAS 6-m Telescope
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 542
Authors: Kukushkin, D. E.; Sazonenko, D. A.; Bakholdin, A. V.; Valyavin, G. G.
Abstract: We present the results of computer simulation of a polarimetric unit of the high spectral resolution spectrograph with a fiber optic input for the 6-m telescope of SAO RAS. The module allows one to evaluate the polarization state of radiation incoming through it. The algorithm for calculating the coefficient of depolarization introduced by the BTA main mirror is based on the Mueller matrix method. The methods for estimating the degree of polarization, azimuth angle, and ellipticity of radiation transmitted through the BTA main mirror and matching optics of the polarimetric unit are shown. After comparison with experimental data and inevitable refinements, the obtained results of computer simulation can be considered as a basis for creating an accurate model of the map of polarization distortions induced by the BTA main mirror and its devices.
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