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Paper: Observations and Modelling of Helium Lines in Solar Flares
Volume: 504, Coimbra Solar Physics Meeting: Ground-based Solar Observations in the Space Instrumentation Era
Page: 197
Authors: Simões, P. J. A.; Fletcher, L.; Labrosse, N.; Kerr, G. S.
Abstract: We explore the response of the He II 304 Å and He I 584 Å line intensities to electron beam heating in solar flares using radiative hydrodynamic simulations. Comparing different electron beams parameters, we found that the intensities of both He lines are very sensitive to the energy flux deposited in the chromosphere, or more specifically to the heating rate, with He II 304 Å being more sensitive to the heating than He I 584 Å. Therefore, the He line ratio increases for larger heating rates in the chromosphere. A similar trend is found in observations, using SDO/EVE He irradiance ratios and estimates of the electron beam energy rate obtained from hard X-ray data. From the simulations, we also found that spectral index of the electrons can affect the He ratio but a similar effect was not found in the observations.
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