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Paper: Projecting 3-D Simulations Into Pseudo Observations
Volume: 295, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XII
Page: 439
Authors: Antunes, A.; Wallin, J.
Abstract: We present methods for converting particle method three-dimensional simulations into observationally verifiable projected column densities, channel maps, fluxes, and velocity contours. Such projections are suitable for direct comparison with radio data (such as produced by AIPS), X-ray observations (e.g., ximage), optical, and IR. Whereas modeling usually involves N-body, mesh, SPH, or LPR calculations upon an idealized 3-D space, our observational data is always limited to a single line of sight projection, observing only one `plane' of the object, emission from which may or may not include extinction. For models to have any validity, we must be able to generate pseudo-observational data from the model, to compare with actual observations. This connects our modeling with the real universe we see; herein we discuss the methods for creating such projections.
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