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Paper: The Radio Events During the Strongest Gamma Outbursts in Blazars
Volume: 299, High Energy Blazar Astronomy
Page: 235
Authors: Terasranta, H.; Wiren, S.; Koivisto, P.
Abstract: The behaviour of the gamma-detected Blazars during the strongest flares is examined at millimeter bands. The Metsähovi monitoring data at 22 and 37 GHz is used in finding common features during the gamma events. In most cases the gamma outbursts are coming during a high activity at millimeter band. The flux-curves are rather complex at these frequencies, even when the sampling is good and thus it is not so easy unambiguously to pinpoint a single outburst component connected to the gamma event. Well sampled monitoring together with higher frequency (22 and 43 GHz) VLBI mapping of these Blazars could in most cases help to identify the components associated to the gamma events.
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