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Paper: Retrospective of the Software Metrics and Staffing Profile for COBE Ground Systems Software
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 515
Authors: Babst, K. L.; Hollenhorst, R.; Stephens, J.
Abstract: The COsmic Background Explorer (COBE) was launched on November 18, 1989. A considerable amount of ground systems software, known as the "launch-critical" software, was required to support the mission by the launch date. This body of software was comprised of the data structures and data management software required to access them, mission planning software for the preparation and validation of instrument command loads, the ingest software for the acquisition of data and its migration into the data structures, science data processing software for attitude determination and instrument data refinement (for the three COBE instruments), and utility software for the manipulation and display of data. The instrument software included quicklook tools which allowed the analysis of on-orbit instrument performance for the purpose of corrective action in real-time. The development of this software began in 1984 with a requirements definition and analysis phase. The software was developed in FORTRAN on a VAX/VMS platform. This paper presents, for the period which began in 1984 and culminated in the launch capability, the software metrics employed in estimating and tracking the work, the detailed staffing profile which achieved COBE software's launch-readiness, and a retrospective correlation of the actual staffing profile with a profile generated by a COCOMO model-based tool.
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