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Paper: Off-the-shelf Control of Data Analysis Software
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 511
Authors: Wampler, S.
Abstract: The Gemini Project must provide convenient access to data analysis facilities to a wide user community. The international nature of this community makes the selection of data analysis software particularly interesting, with staunch advocates of systems such as ADAM and IRAF among the users. Additionally, the continuing trends towards increased use of networked systems and distributed processing impose additional complexity. To meet these needs, the Gemini Project is proposing the novel approach of using low-cost, off-the-shelf software to abstract out both the control and distribution of data analysis from the functionality of the data analysis software. For example, the orthogonal nature of control versus function means that users might select analysis routines from both ADAM and IRAF as appropriate, distributing these routines across a network of machines. It is the belief of the Gemini Project that this approach results in a system that is highly flexible, maintainable, and inexpensive to develop. The Khoros visualization system is presented as an example of control software that is currently available for providing the control and distribution within a data analysis system. The visual programming environment provided with Khoros is also discussed as a means to providing convenient access to this control.
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