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Paper: IRAF port to the new OSF/1 Operating System
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 503
Authors: Zarate, N. R.
Abstract: A port of the IRAF system has been done to the new operating system OSF/1 on the DEC 3000/500 machine. The main features of the DEC OSF/1 is a 64-bit kernel architecture based on the Mach V2.5 kernel design with components from BSD 4.3, system V and other sources. These features give flexibility to the user that ports large pieces of software; since OSF/1 is compatible with Berkeley 4.3 and System V programming interfaces. The purpose of these notes is to point out the details in dealing with the port of IRAF in the new 64-bit address space and specially to discuss possible solutions to the SPP programming language 32-bit pointers, and the actual solutions reached in creating the IRAF executables.
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