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Paper: The Real-Time Computing Environment for the Gemini 8-m Telescopes
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 465
Authors: McGehee, P. M.
Abstract: The real-time control system for the Gemini 8-m telescopes project will be formed from the integration of diverse work packages, each responsible for operation of separate physical systems. As each package is created at distinct development sites, it is necessary to define a common interface to the core observatory control system. Since the work packages cover the entire range of observatory control issues, including primary mirror support, enclosure control, and instrument controllers it is expected that the required functionality of each can be quite different and present different interface requirements. To solve this integration problem it was decided to identify a commercial package that was flexible and powerful enough to implement all Gemini real-time control work packages. The proposed basis for the Gemini real-time control system is EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System). The essence of the EPICS environment is a distributed real-time database that is built upon the VxWorks real-time operating system and TCP/IP-based networking. It is this database that we propose to use as the interface between the diverse real-time control packages and the Observatory Control System.
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