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Paper: The Prediction of Stellar Ultraviolet Colours
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 451
Authors: Shemi, A.; Mersov, G.; Brosch, N.; Almoznino, E.
Abstract: A comprehensive database was compiled from several IUE spectral data sets, optical star catalogues, and a selected UV photometric data set, of more than 10,000 stars measured by the TD-1 satellite. The database is useful for the prediction of stellar UV colours. A method to derive an intrinsic colour-colour relation (UV-B)0 vs. (B-V)0 is described. [UV - Blue] colour - colour diagrams for the four TD-1 bandpasses and for the FAUST bandpass, for different stellar luminosity classes, are presented. A list of selected 333 stars that can be used as ``standard candles'' for the determination of (UV-B)0 in any arbitrary UV band is given. The benefit of the method is demonstrated by a comparison of TD-1 observations and images of sky areas from FAUST against predicted UV sky maps.
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