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Paper: Far Infrared -- X-ray Observations of Quasars
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 423
Authors: Wilkes, Belinda
Abstract: Quasars are multi-wavelength emitters, emitting roughly equal amounts of radiation throughout the whole electromagnetic spectrum from far-infrared(IR) through to gamma-ray energies. 10% are also strong radio emitters. In order to understand the energy generation mechanisms at work, it is essential to measure the emission by obtaining multi-lambda data covering the full spectral range. Over the past 10 years, as the technology has improved, far-IR to X-ray data have been obtained for an increasing number of quasars with corresponding progress made in our knowledge of our phenomenon. Combining data from a variety of telescopes and instruments is a complex task. I will briefly summarise the observations and the data reduction which largely employ well-known, existing software (IRAF). I will then discuss the steps required to combine and analyse the data, these include: transformation between the various measurement units e.g. magnitudes, fluxes, brightness temperatures; making corrections for redenning, galaxy contamination, presence of emission lines etc.; keeping track of errors in each dataset; shifting to the rest-frame; interpolation and fitting; making plots. I will describe software we have developed specifically to carry out some of these tasks. Finally I will show some of our results and demonstrate the value of such broad-band studies.
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