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Paper: ASCA Initial Data Processing and the ODB
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 383
Authors: Itoh, M.; Mitsuda, K.; Antunes, A. J.; Honda, H.; Fujimoto, R.; Matsuba, E.; Butcher, J.; Osborne, J.; Ashley, J.; Takeshima, T.
Abstract: ASCA (ASTRO-D) is the fourth Japanese X-ray astronomy satellite launched in February, 1993. The observational instruments and data processing/analysis software have been developed under collaboration between US and Japan. This paper describes the initial data processing of ASCA and the Observation Database (ODB) installed at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science. In the initial data processing, the raw telemetry data downlinked from the satellite are reformated to FITS binary table format. Attitude solutions and the orbital elements obtained on ground are also compiled as FITS files. The set of telemetry, attitude and orbital files at this stage is called FRF's (First Reduction Files). Information such as a unique observation ID, the target and the observer's name is written in the header of the telemetry FRF at the reformating. Such information is maintained and provided by the ODB. The ODB is a relational database that contains information on accepted proposals, scheduled timelines, and observation history. The ODB is also used for mission operation as well as to provide information to general observers through the internet.
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