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Paper: A Quantitative Study of Resolution Enhancement in HST Image Restoration
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 300
Authors: Wu, Nailong
Abstract: Methods like Lucy, MEM, MLM and Wiener filter are used for restoring HST images, which suffer from aberration. A quantitative study has been carried out to assess the effectiveness of these methods for resolution enhancement of HST images. The methods used are briefly introduced first. Then the design of experiments is described. The main results are presented. And finally conclusions are drawn. Experimental results show that for the Wide Field Camera before the servicing mission, the resolution can be improved by a factor of 1.5 -- 2.0 on average by image restoration. MEM/MemSys5 classic, mem0, Lucy and MEM/MemSys5 historic are in descending order regarding the effectiveness of resolution enhancement. The study may be extended to other cameras before and after the servicing mission.
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