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Paper: PC-based Astronomical Image Processing with pcIPS
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 245
Authors: Smirnov, O. M.; Piskunov, N. E.
Abstract: Modern 486-based PCs are fast enough for many serious image processing applications, and inexpensive enough even for amateur astronomers. Our pcIPS image processing system runs on these platforms and satisfies a broad range of data analysis needs, while providing maximum expandability. It supports large format 1D and 2D images in any numeric type, from 8-bit integer to 64-bit floating point. pcIPS includes a set of visualization tools as part of an intuitive graphical user interface that employs buttons, pop-up menus, and a mouse. It is extremely expandable, because all of the image processing functionality is provided by external modules ( applications ), with new ones constantly being developed. The basic application package includes ones for elementary arithmetics and statistics, geometric transformations, and import/export of various data formats (FITS, plain ASCII, Photometrics, binary, GIF, etc.); specialized astronomy-oriented packages will be demonstrated. An API lets the user create his own applications in C and FORTRAN. The demo will show the latest version of the system, as well as some of its recently-created applications. The newest of them is a port of the DAOPHOTII stellar photometry program, and a Fourier analysis package. A CCD/Echelle processing package (location of echelle orders, geometric correction and extraction of orders, flat field correction, etc.) and a Spectral package (generation of dispersion curve, continuum fitting, wavelength calibration, multiple simultaneous line profile fits) will also be shown.
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