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Paper: The NRAO VLA Sky Survey
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 155
Authors: Condon, J. J.; Cotton, W. D.; Greisen, E. W.; Yin, Q. F.; Perley, R. A.; Broderick, J. J.
Abstract: We plan to use the compact D and DnC configurations of the VLA for 2500 hours between 1993 September and 1996 June to make a 1.4 GHz continuum sky survey that covers the omega ~ 10 sr above delta = -40 deg with a grid of ~2 x 10**5 snapshots. New software is being developed to help us schedule the observations, analyze the data, and distribute the results to the astronomical community as rapidly as possible. For example, AIPS tasks requiring little human intervention edit, self-calibrate, and map the (u, v) data. They also correct for a number of small distortions and errors resulting from the wide fractional bandwidth, large map size, and limited (u, v) coverage. The final results will be <nl> a set of 2326 large (4 X 4 degrees) sky images with nearly uniform sensitivity (sigma < 0.4 mJy/beam ) and resolution (theta = 54" FHWM) obtained by mosaicing the corrected snapshot maps plus a catalog of ~2 X 10**6 discrete sources with rms position uncertainties ranging from <1" for S > 10mJy to 5" at the survey limit S ~ 2mJy.
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