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Paper: The Hubble Space Telescope Data Archive
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 151
Authors: Long, Knox S.; Baum, Stefi A.; Borne, Kirk; Swade, Daryl
Abstract: The HST Archive was formally opened for archival research on 1 February 1993. Usage of the archive has increased steadily, and by the summer 3 Gbytes of data per month were being retrieved over electronic networks by astronomers outside the Institute. The present archive system, the Data Management Facility, consists of an archive machine to which an optical disk jukebox and standalone optical disks drives are attached, a database machine, and two user host machines. The archive currently contains over 750 Gbytes of data. From guest accounts on the host machines, users are able to query the archive catalog. There is a simple registration process for those who want to retrieve data. Once registered, users are able to retrieve data from the public portion of the data archive. In addition to describing the current archive system and our experience in supporting users, we will discuss a new archive system, the Space Telescope Data Archive and Distribution System, and a new user interface, StarView, which will replace DMF and the current user interface, STARCAT, over the next year.
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