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Paper: Data analysis and expected results of the TYCHO mission
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 147
Authors: Wicenec, A. J.; Bässgen, G.; Grossmann, V.; Snijders, M. A. J.; Wagner, K.; Bastian, U.; Schwekendiek, P.; Egret, D.; Halbwachs, J.; Hoeg, E.; Makarov, V. V.
Abstract: The Tycho Data Reduction Consortium (TDAC) data analysis scheme is presented and the central parts in the reduction chain are described. Figures are shown to verify the photometric stability of the instrument and the rigidity of the astrometrical parameters derived from several month of data of the nominal mission. The expected number of output stars and the expected photometric and astrometric accuracy is presented.
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