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Paper: The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 123
Authors: Crabtree, D.; Durand, D.; Fisher, W.; Gaudet, S.; Hill, N.; Justice, G.; Morris, S.; Woodsworth, A.
Abstract: The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre(CADC) was formed to serve as the Canadian centre for distribution of data from the Hubble Space Telescope. The CADC receives a copy of the HST data on optical disk once it has become public, usually after a period of one year. We maintain a copy of the master database, or catalog, which is updated nightly from the master at STScI. The CADC is also archiving data from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope(CFHT) which is located on the island of Hawaii. The data is written to optical disk in Hawaii while the database, located in Victoria, is updated daily by parsing the FITS headers which are sent over the network each day. The optical disks are sent to Victoria once they are full. Access to the both these archives is provided through a system named STARCAT. STARCAT runs on users machines in client-server mode and provides users with transparent access to the archive catalogs over the network. One of the unique capabilities of STARCAT is the data preview mechanism which allows users to preview the data before requesting it from the archive. In this paper we will describe the following: an overview of operations for both the HST and CFHT archives the STARCAT system, including the preview mechanism planned additions to the HST and CFHT archives.
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