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Paper: WiSPR - A Graphical User Interface for Accessing a Sybase Database
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 86
Authors: Williamson, Ramon L., II
Abstract: WiSPR is a Tcl/Tk script in the X environment that builds a display of the fields of an arbitrary database table in an easy-to-read format on the fly. Each field of the database table has a text widget into which search strings for that field may be entered. When all desired search fields have been filled, an SQL query is constructed and values are returned into the text widgets one row at a time. Subsequent matches to the query are displayed until all matching rows have been retrieved. WiSPR recognizes all SQL wildcards when doing queries, and once values are returned, the results may be saved to a file or printed on a printer. In addition, if write access to the database in question is available, the user can add new rows to the database or update entries in a row already retrieved. On-line help is available at anytime using a menu-driven help system. Sybase database access is accomplished by means of the sybtcl library, written as an extension to Tcl/Tk by Tom Poindexter of Denver Colorado.
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