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Paper: Graphical Interfaces for Spectral Analysis in the EUV IRAF Package
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 83
Authors: Abbott, M.; Keith, A.; Kilsdonk, T.
Abstract: We present prototypes of tasks under development in the EUV layered package for IRAF to perform modeling of EUVE spectra and to aid in the selection of time-tagged events based on measurements of data quality. Both are based on previous, simpler tasks and are being re-engineered with graphical interfaces to enhance the user's ability to interact with the data in a rapid, intuitive manner. The modeling task will create simulated EUVE spectra and spectral images from user-input astrophysical models and some simple standard model types. Users will be able to see the effects of changes in the model parameters in the spectral data and how the parameters must change to produce a fixed result. The data selection task aids the user in constructing filters which can be applied to their data to include or remove time intervals of interest. The intervals can be chosen interactively from displays of the time behavior of one or more variables over the span of the observation. These variables can be simple values reported by the instrument, or more complex quantities derived from those values or from the data itself; for example, the brightness of the background, the orientation of the spacecraft, or the fraction of data lost due to instrument deadtime. Users will be able to quickly see the effect of changing the limits on these variables in the resulting time intervals. This research was supported by NASA contract NAS5-30180.
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