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Paper: A GUI for the IRAF Radial Velocity Task FXCOR
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 79
Authors: Fitzpatrick, M.
Abstract: A graphical user interface to the IRAF Radial Velocity task, it FXCOR , is presented. The GUI allows users to make plot selections literally at the touch of a button, analysis of data is also greatly simplified since the user can now interact with the task in an intuitive manner rather than through the 172 possible commands that can be issued from the keyboard. The various sub-modes of the task each have a unique GUI optimized for the use of that particular mode. The use of a GUI means that the user can not only control the algorithm parameters more efficiently, but the results can be presented in a way that gives the user a better understanding of the correlation. The design choices for the GUI, as well as problems encountered, are also discussed. The interface uses the prototype IRAF widget server which provides not only the familiar menus and buttons, but also custom widgets for scientific graphics and image display. Since the GUI is driven by a text file that is downloaded to the widget server and interpreted, it can be customized by the user to meet a particular preference or to streamline it for a particular application of the task. A demonstration of the new software is available at the NOAO/IRAF demo table.
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