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Paper: A GUI for Aperture Photometry in IRAF
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 75
Authors: Davis, L. E.
Abstract: A graphical user interface for an interactive IRAF application which does fractional pixel aperture photometry through circular, rectangular, or polygonal apertures is presented. The GUI provides facilities for interactively selecting and displaying the image data, selecting and marking the object and background regions to be analyzed, displaying and editing the algorithm parameters, and simultaneously displaying the results both graphically and in text format. Graphical display of the results of the analysis are in the form of a zoomed and marked image display and profile plots of the region of interest, and histogram plots of the associated background region. The GUI uses the new IRAF widget server prototype, which allows the GUI to be well isolated from the photometry code while still permitting a tightly integrated application to be developed. The prototype widget server provides custom IRAF widgets for the graphics and image display plus a selection of standard toolkit widgets such as buttons and menus, allowing IRAF applications to be developed with custom GUIs.
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