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Paper: An Xwindows/Motif Graphical User Interface for Xspec
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 71
Authors: Jordan, J. M.; Jennings, D. G.; McGlynn, T. A.; Bonnell, J. T.; Gliba, G. W.; Ruggiero, N. G.; Serlemitsos, T. A.
Abstract: The XspecGUI is an Xwindows/Motif based interface designed to provide a point and click interface logically arranged around the tasks involved in Xspec analysis. Xspec functions are divided into four categories -- data specification, model building, fitting, and plotting -- which are all accessable via the XspecGUI control window. The functional divisions of the XspecGUI are designed to guide the novice user of Xspec through the analysis sequence while also being unencoumbersome to expert users. Other important attributes of the XspecGUI that enhance the use of Xspec for users are run saving, run restoration and context-sensitive point and click help. The design and development schemes followed for the XspecGUI have produced a portable, usable, Xspec-enhancing user interface product in six months time with a minimum of personnel resources and third-party software tools. This itself is a significant attribute of the XspecGUI, demonstrating that cost effective development of customized GUI's is possible for current astronomical analysis software. Development of the XspecGUI is completely separate from Xspec development. Communication between the XspecGUI and Xspec is handled via xterm logfiles and the xkib program from the SAO ASSIST project. Xspec has received no additions or modifications to interface with the XspecGUI program.
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