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Paper: A Prototype User Interface for ASpect
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 67
Authors: Hulbert, S. J.; Levay, Z. G.; Eisenhamer, J. D.; Shaw, R. A.
Abstract: ASpect is a new line and spectrum analysis package being developed at STScI that will incorporate a variety of analysis techniques for astronomical spectra. Work has progressed on the development of the ASpect interface design. We have adopted Tcl (and the companion toolkit Tk ) in which to develop our graphical user interface (GUI.) Tcl is a public domain software environment for X11 windowing systems that provides and manages a variety of widgets. The Tcl environment is a mature system; it is well-supported and extensively used, even in the commercial sector. We have created a Tcl program that "wraps" around similar to the xcl prototype that has been developed at STScI. The Tcl shell provides the windowing capabilities that are required to fully support the ASpect analysis tasks. The shell provides access to the IRAF cl for task initiation as well as general data processing in the IRAF system. We have also developed a prototype GUI for ASpect implemented in Tcl and using the Tk toolkit. A new graphics kernel is planned to permit the various analysis tasks (written in spp ) to communicate with the Tcl shell.
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