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Paper: An Astronomical Software Directory Service
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 41
Authors: Hanisch, R. J.; Payne, H.; Hayes, J. J. E.
Abstract: We will be developing an on-line Astronomical Software Directory Service (ASDS) with funding from NASA's Astrophysics Data Program. Our primary objective is to allow astronomers and astronomical software developers to easily locate existing programs for their use and re-use, providing a uniform level of high-level documentation (package capabilities, system dependencies, installation requirements, etc.). The ASDS will catalog a comprehensive set of astronomical data reduction and analysis software, including the packages being developed with ADP support. The ASDS is intended as a directory service -- a query for a certain type of software will result in the user being given information about what software is available as well as instructions for retrieving relevant packages from anonymous FTP servers. Software retrieval may also be automated. We will not archive software per se, given that problems of revision control, currency, and algorithm validation are untenable. Users will interact with the system using a public domain distributed database interface such as WAIS, Gopher, and/or WWW.
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