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Paper: An IRAF Solar Data Pipeline into the WorldWideWeb
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 38
Authors: Lytle, D.
Abstract: The recent advent of internet filing and search tools such as Gopher, WAIS, and the WorldWideWeb make easy global access to public domain astronomical data a reality. The IRAF project at NOAO is working to both build archives of such data and to make that data available to researchers world wide. As part of this project, daily synoptic observations from the solar spectromagnetograph on Kitt Peak are being made available to users of the WorldWideWeb via HTML documents and also to users of Gopher. Data is reduced automatically by an IRAF script which is initiated by the Unix task 'cron'. HTML documents are built that include data from the resulting image headers and pointers to the image data for remote display. As part of the pipeline, data is also FTPed to specific sites via 'rdist'. The intent of this automated pipeline is to make this data available to the scientific community as soon as possible after the observations are made.
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