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Paper: On-line Access to IPAC Datasets and Services
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 30
Authors: Ebert, R.
Abstract: In the past, IPAC has developed its tools and maintained its data archives to be maximally useful to visiting scientists working with IRAS data. With the IRAS data now approaching the 10 year anniversary, IPAC is making the transition to an on-line archive in order to support not only the continuing demand for access to IRAS catalogs and images, but in preparation for providing support for future infrared missions. IPAC's goal is to make all of its key data and services accessible via the Internet. Xcatscan is an on-line service providing access to the IPAC catalogs. IRSKY is a tool for planning observations in the infrared, as well as for browsing the on-line IRAS data products. It is being developed to support the astronomy community in preparing proposals for the European Infrared Space Observatory early next year. These two new services became available on the network last June. We will discuss the design strategy and implementation of these and other systems planned for the future.
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