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Paper: The European Space Information System (ESIS)
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 22
Authors: Giommi, P.; Ansari, S.
Abstract: The European Space Information System (ESIS) is an ESA service that provides uniform access to astronomical data and bibliographical information from several remote archives. ESIS is a new generation data system that gives access to astronomical catalogues and data products such as images, spectra and lightcurves using a powerful and easy-to-use graphic user interface. Extensive facilities to visualize, compare and correlate data from different archives are included. Currently ESIS supports data retrieval from the IUE, EXOSAT, HST, Einstein and SIMBAD databases. Several catalogues and mission logs, including GINGA, and ROSAT are also available. A first version of the ESIS system has been recently released and can be publicly accessed through computer networks. A client-server version of the system is also available and has been installed at a number of astronomical institutes. Demonstrations will be given during the conference.
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