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Paper: A Numerical Code to Study the Variability of Blazar Emission
Volume: 299, High Energy Blazar Astronomy
Page: 167
Authors: Tramacere, A.; Tosti, G.; Ciprini, S.
Abstract: We present a numerical code, written in C, which can be used to simulate or to analyze the emission of Blazars over the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Our code can reproduce the following features: Synchrotron emission. (Inoue & Takahara 1996),(Rybicki & Lightman 1979) - Inverse Compton emission (Thomson & Klein-Nishina regime). (Band & Grindlay 1985),(Blumenthal & Gould 1970) - External Compton emission. - Accretion Disk variability using a Cellular Automata algorithm. - Temporal evolution of the emitting plasma energy distribution. - Flaring phenomena. - Light curves in the rest and in the Observer frame (taking account for time crossing effects) In the following pages, we present the results obtained by our code.
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