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Paper: Demo of numarray, PyFITS, and related software
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 828
Authors: Hsu, J.-C.; Hodge, P.E.
Abstract: PyFITS is a Python module developed for FITS file I/O. We demonstrated its use for FITS images and tables, illustrating the PyFITS classes and methods, as well as the array manipulation capabilities of numarray. PyFITS is convenient for interactive use, and we also showed two utility programs, fitsdiff and readgeis, as examples of its use in astronomical applications. The task fitsdiff compares two FITS files and reports their differences, readgeis reads the STScI-style GEIS format files and converts them to FITS files or FITS objects. These two Python modules were showcased not only because they are useful astronomical tools but to demonstrate the ease of writing such applications using PyFITS and numarray. PyFITS can also make use of memory mapping, which significantly enhances its performance on large FITS files, both images and tables. At STScI, we are also applying numarray and PyFITS for larger projects such as pydrizzle and the pipeline software for the new HST instrument COS (Cosmic Origins Spectrograph).
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