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Paper: An IDL Based Image Deconvolution Software Package
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 515
Authors: Varosi, F.; Landsman, W. B.
Abstract: Using the Interactive Data Language (IDL), we have implemented some of the basic iterative algorithms for deconvolution of blurred images in a unified environment called DeConv_Tool. Most algorithms have as their goal the optimization of some goodness of fit statistic, possibly combined with a smoothing criterion. All the statistics for all the implemented algorithms are computed by DeConv_Tool for the purpose of determining the performance and convergence of any particular algorithm and comparing the different methods. DeConv_Tool allows interactive monitoring of the statistics and the deconvolved image during computation. Results are stored in a structure convenient for making comparisons between methods and reviewing the deconvolution process. The DeConv_Tool package can be acquired by anonymous FTP from the IDL Astronomy User's Library (Landsman 1993).
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