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Paper: Factor Analysis as a Tool for Spectral Line Component Separation
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 462
Authors: Toth, L. Viktor; Mattila, Kalevi; Haikala, Lauri; Balazs, Lajos G.
Abstract: The spectra of the 21 cm HI radiation from the direction of L1780, a small high-galactic latitude dark/molecular cloud, have been analysed by multivariate methods. Factor analysis has been performed on the HI spectra in order to separate the different components responsible for the spectral features. Our method has been found to be effective in separating small spectral features, and was able to differentiate among very similarly looking input spectra. The rotated, orthogonal factors explain the spectra as a sum of radiation (1) from the background (an extended HI emission layer with galactic latitude dependent density distribution), and (2) from the L1780 dark cloud. Our statistically derived ``background" and ``cloud" spectral line profiles, as well as the spatial distribution of the HI halo emission have been compared to the results of a previous study which used conventional methods analysing nearly the same data set.
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