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Paper: MOSAIC: an IDL Software Package for Manipulating Collections of Images
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 393
Authors: Varosi, F.; Gezari, D. Y.
Abstract: We have developed a powerful, versatile image processing and analysis software package called MOSAIC, designed specifically for the manipulation of digital astronomical image data obtained with two-dimensional array detectors. The software package is implemented using the Interactive Data Language (IDL), and incorporates new methods for processing, calibration, analysis, and visualization of astronomical image data, stressing effective methods for the creation of mosaics from collections of individual exposures, while at the same time preserving the photometric integrity of the original data. Since IDL is available on many computers, the MOSAIC software runs on most UNIX and VAX workstations with the X-Windows or SunView graphics interface.
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