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Paper: GammaCore: The Compton Observatory Research Environment
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 373
Authors: McGlynn, T.; Jordan, J.; Jennings, D.; Ruggiero, N.; Serlemitsos, T.
Abstract: The Compton Observatory Science Support Center (COSSC) is developing a coherent analysis environment for the analysis of Compton and other gamma-ray astronomy data. This environment, GammaCore, allows the astronomer to access the data analysis systems developed at the instrument team sites for the four Compton Observatory instruments. In addition users have access to standard astronomical tools, an archive system and other software developed at the COSSC. This paper describes the development of the GammaCore, particularly its user interface which is based on the AGCL, an early version of the AXAF Science Center's ASSIST system. The discussion focuses on the problems that were encountered in integrating extremely diverse software packages, and how these problems were overcome. Information on how to get access to the GammaCore is also given.
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