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Paper: On AIPS++, A New Astronomical Information Processing System
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 156
Authors: Croes, G. A.
Abstract: The AIPS system that has served the needs of the radio astronomical community remarkably well during the last 15 years, is showing signs of age, and is being replaced by a more modern system, AIPS++. As the name implies AIPS++ will be developed in an object-oriented fashion, and use C++ as its main programming language. The work is being done by a consortium of seven organizations, with coordinated activities worldwide. After a review of the history of the project to this date, from management, astronomical and technical viewpoints and the current state of the project, the paper concentrates on the tradeoffs implied by the choice of implementation style, and the lessons we have learned, good and bad.
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