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Paper: The EUVE Proposal Database
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 56
Authors: Christian, C. A.; Olson, E. C.
Abstract: The proposal database and scheduling system for the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer is described. The proposal database has been implemented to take input for approved observations selected by the EUVE Peer Review Panel and output target information suitable for the scheduling system to digest. The scheduling system is a hybrid of the SPIKE program and EUVE software which checks spacecraft constraints, produces a proposed schedule and selects spacecraft orientations with optimal configurations for acquiring star trackers, etc. This system is used to schedule the In Orbit Calibration activities that took place this summer, following the EUVE launch in early June 1992. The strategy we have implemented has implications for the selection of approved targets, which have impacted the Peer Review process. In addition, we will discuss how the proposal database, founded on Sybase, controls the processing of EUVE Guest Observer data.
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