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Paper: Miyun 232 MHz Survey I Fields Centred at: alpha : 00(h) 41(m) , delta : 41(deg) 12(') and alpha : 07(h) 00(m) , delta : 35(deg) 00(')
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 26
Authors: Xizhen, Zhang; Yijia, Zheng; Hongsheng, Chen; Shouguan, Wang
Abstract: A new meter-wave survey of the sky region north of declination +30(deg) has been carried out with the Miyun 232 MHz Synthesis Radio Telescope (MSRT). The instrument, observation and method of data reduction are briefly described in this paper. As a first result, two 8(deg) times 8(deg) regions centred respectively at alpha : 00(h) 41(m) ,delta : 41(deg) 12(') and alpha : 07(h) 00(m) , delta : 35(deg) 00(') were observed and reduced. On the average 4--5 sources per square degree were recorded with position accuracy of 5\verb+"+ / S(Jy). The BGPW scale is adopted for the flux density calibration (Baars et al. 1977). The accuracy of flux determination is limited by the background fluctuation which is about 30 mJy. The catalogue is complete for sources with flux larger than 0.25 Jy. The total number of sources listed in the paper amounts to 687.
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