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Paper: DENIS---DEep Near Infrared Survey of the Southern Sky
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 21
Authors: Deul, Erik R.
Abstract: DENIS (Epchtein 1992) will be a complete deep near infrared survey of the southern sky, made with the objective of providing full coverage in 2 near infrared bands (J at 1.25mu m and K at 2.2mu m) and one optical band (I at 0.8mu m), using a ground-based telescope and digital array detectors. The products of this survey will be databases of calibrated images, extended sources, and small objects. In addition, catalogs of small and extended sources will be produced. We expect the survey to be completed within five years; restricted access to the databases is possible during the second half of the survey. The production of catalogs (to be distributed) will take a some additional time.
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