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Paper: The NSO FTS Database Program and Archive (FTSDBM)
Volume: 52, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
Page: 18
Authors: Lytle, D. M.
Abstract: Data from the NSO Fourier transform spectrometer is being re-archived from half inch tape onto write-once compact disk. In the process, information about each spectrum and a low resolution copy of each spectrum is being saved into an on-line database. FTSDBM is a simple database management program in the NSO external package for IRAF. A command language allows the FTSDBM user to add entries to the database, delete entries, select subsets from the database based on keyword values including ranges of values, create new database files based on these subsets, make keyword lists, examine low resolution spectra graphically, and make disk number/file number lists. Once the archive is complete, FTSDBM will allow the database to be efficiently searched for data of interest to the user and the compact disk format will allow random access to these data.
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