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Paper: Host Galaxies of RGB BL Lacertae Objects
Volume: 299, High Energy Blazar Astronomy
Page: 303
Authors: Nilsson, K.; Pursimo, T.; Takalo, L.O.; Sillanpaa, A.; Heidt, J.
Abstract: We present optical R-band imaging of 100 BL Lacertae objects in the ROSAT-Green Bank (RGB) sample. We analyze their host galaxies using a two-dimensional fitting procedure that minimizes the χ2 between the data and the model. We were able to resolve the host galaxy in 62% of the objects. We find the host galaxies to be luminous ellipticals, whose bulk properties are similar to nonactive ellipticals. No correlation is found between the nuclear brightness and the host galaxy brightness, as has been suggested by some previous studies.
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