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Paper: Refinements to the Iterative Self-Calibration Program for the SIRTF GOODS Legacy Project
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 562
Authors: Grumm, D.; Casertano, S.
Abstract: A self-calibration program for processing data from the upcoming SIRTF GOODS Legacy Project has been developed to derive the sky and flat field for idealized data. The actual on-orbit data will doubtless suffer from geometric distortion and cosmic rays at some level, while calibration is required to simultaneously derive the sky and flat field in the presence of these effects to a level of better than a part in 10,000. Because this translates to the requirement that the calibration be shot-noise limited, routines to remove both of these effects within an iterative version of the self-calibration code have been developed. Results of tests using these routines will be discussed. The algorithm applied to correct geometric distortion is a new method that allows arbitrary transformations with sub-pixel shifts - a substantial improvement over clipping techniques and other distortion removal techniques currently in use. This enhanced self-calibration program is general, allowing it to be used for high-quality calibration of data from JWST and other future missions. The development of these methods demonstrates the feasibility and effectiveness of enhancing the powerful technique of iterative self-calibration to reduce or eliminate anticipated effects in realistic data.
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