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Paper: The pre-main sequence
Volume: 40, Inside the Stars, IAU Colloquium 137
Page: 395
Authors: D'Antona, Francesca
Abstract: Attention is given to the D-burning phase of premain-sequence stars (PSS), the possible influence of residual accretion on premain-sequence evolution, the uncertainty of stellar modeling and the location of the tracks in the HR diagram, and the burning of light elements and the new data on lithium in PSS. The interior evolution of PSS structures focuses on the main stages of deuterium and lithium burning for the low-mass (not greater than 1.5 solar mass) stars. Uncertainties amount to a factor of about two for mass and age determination of individual objects, and affect the absolute location for both the D-burning and the Li-burning regions. Abundances of Li-7 at the surface of PSS, if measured at a stage which can definitely be considered previous to the possible occurrence of nuclear burning, and, consequently, previous to other depletion mechanisms which may occur later on, provide constraints on galactic evolution of PSS.
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