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Paper: The non-explosive modes of hydrogen burning - A brief review
Volume: 40, Inside the Stars, IAU Colloquium 137
Page: 310
Authors: Arnould, Marcel; Mowlavi, Nami
Abstract: The present status of our theoretical and experimental knowledge of the rates of hydrogen-burning reactions in hydrostatic stellar conditions is very briefly reviewed. Special emphasis is put on reactions of the proton-proton chain, CNO cycles, NeNa cycle and MgAl chain whose rates are still affected by uncertainties that can have an impact on predictions regarding astrophysical issues of interest. This concerns in particular the solar neutrino problem, or the nucleosynthesis accompanying the CNO, NeNa and MgAl chains of reactions, as it is revealed in particular by the first dredge-up episode. A brief discussion of the possibility of reducing the present rate uncertainties is presented.
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