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Paper: Information System on Binary Stars
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 233
Authors: Malkov, O.Yu.; Kilpio, E.Yu.; Snegireva, E.; Tuchin, M.
Abstract: We present a project of an Information system on binary stars (ISBS). The main goal of the system is to collect information on masses and other astrophysical parameters of components of binary/multiple systems. A first version of ISBS will contain astronomical data catalogues, related to observations of eclipsing binary stars. An interface will provide access to the summary description of the catalogues either by GCVS identifier or by evolutionary type. The ISBS will allow user to make statistical investigations as well as to obtain data on a particular binary system. The majority of the included catalogues are presented in machine readable form for the first time. It is likely that ISBS will be merged naturally into the Russian Virtual Observatory and into the Besancon database on binaries.
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