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Paper: Global networking - The Australian connection
Volume: 34, Robotic Telescopes in the 1990s
Page: 235
Authors: van-Vegchel, John J.
Abstract: The Nanango Astronomical Observatory (NAO) is a high-technology, professional astronomical facility offering astronomers worldwide access to high-resolution southern skies via the Southern Automatic Patrol Telescope Service. Its goal is international cooperation to produce quality science at low cost. Collaboration between Mt. Hopkins and NAO will allow observational requests to be transferred via high-speed modems, thus creating an environment which will permit time sharing with other robotic telescope users for stars within the northern and southern overlap winds made possible by NAO's latitude. Photometric data collected will be substantiated by separate standard star observations from another robotic telescope 0.45 m in diameter. NOA instrumentation, communications, and future plans are also discussed.
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