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Paper: The use of robotic telescopes for detecting planetary systems
Volume: 34, Robotic Telescopes in the 1990s
Page: 153
Authors: Borucki, William J.; Genet, Russell M.
Abstract: It is argued that increases in the precision of photometric measurements and the development of fully automatic photometric telescopes (APTs) now make possible the detection of Jupiter-size objects around other stars. The two most promising approaches are to monitor binary stars that have their orbital plane nearly in our line of sight and to measure the rotation periods of stars that are known to have dark companions and have very accurate values for Vsini. Differential photometry with APTs, based on a rapid comparison among a group of stars, provides a precision of 2 parts in 1000. Transits of solar-type stars by planets or brown dwarfs the size of Jupiter or Saturn will produce brightness variations of about 10 parts per 1000.
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