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Paper: Results from the Four College APT
Volume: 34, Robotic Telescopes in the 1990s
Page: 9
Authors: Dukes, Robert J., Jr.
Abstract: The Four College Consortium Automatic Photoelectric Telescope (APT) has completed its first full year of operation. In this paper I describe the acquisition and testing of this APT. I also discuss preliminary results from the first year of operation. During this year we have paid particular attention to the problems of assessing the quality of the data. We find that it is possible to determine the sky quality from the combination of site logs and data, and to devise objective means of rejecting observations obtained on poor nights. When this is done we find that the standard deviation of a 10 second differential Stromgren measure of a pair of constant stars is better than 5 millimagnitudes. I also discuss some of the problems associated with scheduling a multiuser APT involving a variety of types of observing requests.
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