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Paper: BART Robotic Telescope and Blazar Monitoring
Volume: 299, High Energy Blazar Astronomy
Page: 193
Authors: Hudec, R.; Jelinek, M.; Nekola, M.; The BART Team; Kubanek, P.
Abstract: The Burst Alert Robotic Telescope is now in routine operation at the Ondrejov Observatory. The recent configuration includes a 25 cm optical tube and a 6.4 cm wide field camera with attached CCD cameras. The results of the test operation of the system as well as the system capabilities and scientific results obtained are presented and discussed. The cosmic ray statistics, background events statistics, methods of rapid data analyses as well as specific problems of reductions and evaluation of wide-field CCD images are also addressed. The primary scientific goal of BART is to provide immediate optical observations of high energy triggers such as GRBs provided by satellites. In the meantime, the BART telescope monitors regularly the selected sources i.e. provides long-term monitoring over extended time intervals. The selected blazars and AGNs located inside the ESA INTEGRAL satellite galactic scans and approved pointed observations are already investigated this way.
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